Nadya Karabas

Nadya Karabas

Teddy and Doll Artist
Nadya Karabas
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Купить Декупаж и скрапбукинг. Диск для распечаток №16 - диск, распечатка, Декупаж, Скрапбукинг, диск, распечатка

Cafe Pets: Three Little Kittens Greeting Card: Three little kittens they lost their mittens and they began to cry. This vintage image is adorable on a greeting card or mug. Check out all the cute t-shirts and gifts for cat lovers at Cafe Pets.

Antique book "THREE LITTLE KITTENS", from Raphael Tuck & Sons

Antique book "THREE LITTLE KITTENS" = art on book covers like this creeped me out soooo bad as a kid, like it was warning you of the nightmare to come

Chemin des Muguets: Three Bears Sited in Upstate New York

Dad used to tell me and my sisters this story every night before bed so here's The Three Bears in Silhouette :) xx