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Красный маникюр с изящной инкрустацией стразами и микробисером на ногте безымянного пальца

Stylish Nail Designs for Nail art is another huge fashion trend besides the stylish hairstyle, clothes and elegant makeup for women. Nowadays, there are many ways to have beautiful nails with bright colors, different patterns and styles.

Нетипичный Маникюр

Нетипичный Маникюр

Фотографии Анны Малинко

Nail Art Design And Ideas have a wide range of options to choose from. Nowadays, the teenage girls are more versatile in adapting the latest fashion trends than the young women. The easy Nail Art for Teen ages girl are enormously sought after by the young

A unha quebrou, o esmalte já era, mas a agenda não para. O bom é que a gente sempre tem um truque para segurar as pontas até conseguir um horário na manicure. E, entre um compromisso e outro, até arrisca uma decoração nas unhas para dar um up no visual em casa mesmo. Por isso, …

Be strong and bold with metallic blue and gold colors! This amazing looking nail art design reminds you of royalty and makes you feel like one when you wear it. The nails are coated in matte metallic blue colors and topped with golden accents that are jus

Newest Christmas Nails 2017 - Reny styles

Hey there lovers of nail art! In this post we are going to share with you some Magnificent Nail Art Designs that are going to catch your eye and that you will want to copy for sure. Nail art is gaining more… Read more ›