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Vintage Infographic Average heights and weights for infants,

Educational posters produced by the Soviet Ministry of Public Health in I'm bored at home;

This poster demonstrates the composition of the Scmarslovo Soviet by using numerous colourful drawings, pie charts and bar and line graphs spread over the poster.

The Planting of National Welfare is the Job of the Workers Themselves

Soviet Childcare Posters 1930 Protect your child and food from flies Creche Weight and height of children from birth to two years old Weigh your child every week Every year thousands of children lose their eyesight due to small objects getting stuck…

A Russian infographic, aka illustration sheet, promoting the vitamin content of various foods.

Government Child Care Advice From Early Soviet Propaganda Posters

Don't give small children sharp things to play with

The Birth of the Soviets and the Different Organs of Soviet Power

This poster displays numerous pie charts describing party composition at a regional level.

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