Most Amazing Glass Houses

11 Most Amazing Glass Houses - glass houses, glass house

“Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.” What an idea – to live in a house made entirely of glass. How long do you think it takes to clean all those windows? Contact the Designer: Santambrogiomilano

concrete glass. love how it looks like the concrete is floating

Loducca Agency / Triptyque

The "Minima Moralia" Provides Affordable, Customizable Studio Space | ArchDaily

The "Minima Moralia" Provides Affordable, Customizable Studio Space

archatlas: “ Modular Pop-up Studio Space for Artists and Makers Designed by London architects Jonas Prišmontas and Tomaso Boano, ‘Minima Moralia’ is a critical installation, a manifesto of social hope with no political intention. Referencing T.

Serralves Collection: 1960-1980

Serralves Collection: 1960-1980

"Serralves Collection: is organized by Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and curated by Suzanne Cotter (Museum Director) with João Ribas (Senio.

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