The Jazz Singer (1927)

The Jazz Singer. First feature-length film with synchronized dialogue sequences. Al Jolson, May McAvoy, Warner Oland, Yossele Rosenblatt. Directed by Alan Crosland.

Nosferatu (1922)

Nosferatu 1922, Old Movies, Photo Cards, Movie Posters, 31 Days, Battle, 50th, Film Posters, Vintage Movies

Metropolis (1927)

Lang helm is great fun to watch as the robot, her body language and. Many people were forced to watch metropolis for the first time ever in these home.

Sunrise (1927)

1927 Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Metropolis Napoléon vu par Abel Gance Heaven The King of Kings The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog The Ring The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg En rade La glace à trois faces

The General (1926)

Official theatrical movie poster ( of for The General Starring Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, Glen Cavender, Jim Farley

The Wizard of Oz (1925)

Find more movies like The Wizard of Oz to watch, Latest The Wizard of Oz Trailer, Dorothy, heir to the Oz throne, must take it back from the wicked Prime Minister Kruel with the help of three farmhands.

Faust (1926)

Camilla Horn and Emil Jannings in Faust: Eine deutsche Volkssage