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Доспехи темного рыцаря

Доспехи темного рыцаря

Ossion allied Morgana but, tired of her countless failures, he was about to finish the Ultimate Sacrifice ritual to become an immortal overlord, when the Paladins of Sir Valamir captured him. To prevent his curse, they had to imprison his body inside the Archmage Ragnall´s Cove... it eventually died, and his damned soul transformed into the Lich King Ossion the Dread, who is still awaiting any chance to escape and unleash an undead Armageddon in the Kingdom of Camelot!

A lich is a very powerful form of undead that specializes in arts of arcane and necromancy often in a position of power and commanding armies of the dead

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I like the flowing hair coming out of the back of her head. the skin tight armour looks great for the character design. it has one main colour black which gives it nice serious look to the design.

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