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Every time I think of you, I have to remind myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would.

And if I really wanted to talk to You tats y I find a way. I'm scared coz the more I find a way to u block me and pushed me away. waiting u wud want to talk to me and find a way :( I miss u so bad dee

The worst part is, I believed it

I constantly asked you if you were sure I was what you wanted & you swore that I was every time. The worst part is, I believed you.

I had never thought that oneday you'd become that "someone"  persone to me

We all have someone we never speak of. Someone who meant so much, that even breathing their makes your soul tremble with memories and pain.

Unfortunately we  won't have this last conversation..

Even when you do it finally for one last time you still want to hear it again and again until the rest of eternity creeps in and today becomes tomorrow becomes forever

Someday you will

AMEN~~ Someday you will! The little things are what make life beautiful and we had many of those. This 'what if' will become a regret because you will never find someone quite like me. You let go of a diamond, good luck collecting rocks!