LED Handlauf Buche 1 Mtr ca. 60 SMD´s ( LED/SMD )

LED Handlauf Buche 1 Mtr ca. Stair handrail with LED/SMD's, approx 60 per meter. Great idea for lighting up the stairs at night or down to the cellar & a nce alternative to switching on the main lighting too ;

Pendant lights

Copper lamps shaped like fans and traditional conical hats - Kin designer Francesco Rota. Photo by Andrea Basile


The STEALTH pendant lamp by Aarevalo has an intense dynamic form that is visually appealing and refreshingly futuristic.

Designed by Massimo Castagna, the Bolle hanging is made of six transparent blown spheres, each product unique and exclusive.

Billy Cotton Pick Up Chandelier

Crazy fun light that would be perfect in the right dining room: so charming in the randomness of the sticks and the light. Billy Cotton Pick Up Chandelier

Be inspired by the pendant lamp by Jaime Hayon that both gives light and appears light! #formakami #jaimehayon #andtradition #livingroom #interior #lamp

Paper pendant lamps inspired by Chinese lantern tradition. Formakami, Jaime Hayon for