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Nico and Percy

There are people who ship these two, I don't think so. I think Nico just really, really looks up to Percy as brother and as a personal hero. Because they could be the same---powerful and young and misunderstood and underestimated ;)<<I just ship it sorry

Percy and Annabeth

Selena and Jon, there soooooooo cute<<< I am very sorry, but this is Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, not these so-called "Selena and Jon" mortals you speak of. I agree, they're absolutely Percy and Annabeth!

If he was one of the twelve I think he would be Poseidon, because ice is a form of water. And he was "born" in water. So it'd be kind of like Poseidon preserved him just like Zeus preserved Thalia or Hades preserved Bianca and Nico

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons + Percy Jackson - Jack son of Boreas, God of the north winds>>>>So true tho!