Алинка Братищева

Алинка Братищева

Алинка Братищева
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Shunmyo Masuno

Fu-na Bakuren no Niwa - National Research Institute for Metals, Science and Technology Agency - Shunmyo Masuno 枡野俊明


Vanke Hefei by Aspect Studios Inspired by the flowing nature of the River, the design was developed to stimulate visitor experience and to encourage movement and connectivity.

Ручей памяти

Roombeek the Brook, Buro Sant en Co Landscape Architecture; Enschede, The Netherlands What a fun way to bring people in! They get to use the water and interact with the art and architecture

This project is located in Hamedan one of Iran historical cities. Hamedan has active urban space which is characterized by squares and an important north-sou...

While many contemporary architects have shunned traditional brick materials in favor of flashy glass and steel, this ancient and reliable building method can.