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Download this A4 Printable writing aid - words that describe someone's voice I'm learning to write. Well, I should start that again. I'm learning to write a novel, and write it well. I found that I was lacking in a bit of auditory sensory description so created myself a printout I could stick on the wall in front of my laptop to remind myself to include descriptions of one's voice. I got these words from the Macmillan Dictionary website. Its free to download. I hope you find it useful.
English Vocabulary
English grammar - at, in, on
English grammar - Prepositions of place.
Phrasal verbs with GET - #phrasal #verb, #english
#phrasal #verb to MAKE with its #uses, Your Skype School study material - www.yourskypeschool.com
100 ways to say bad
adverbs of frequency. Use them in the simple present tense.
50+ английских фраз, которые помогут блестяще проявить себя в общении

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