Berets are showing up in fashion again, and hats are always a good upcycle use. I've got a couple of wool jackets and skirts that are asking to be hats!

ГОЛОВНОЙ УБОР ИЗ КАПЮШОНА. Идея из рубрики «все гениальное просто».

Шьем и переделываем-3

Balaclava - Fleece (No pattern really; just photos of what she used & did.)

My Father-in-law is a duck hunter. For his Birthday a couple of years ago, I made him a Balaclava for hunting. It was actually the last time I used my sewing machine before making shower presents.

Необычный "капюшон" (выкройка) / Головные уборы / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Шьём красиво!!