Contour Makeup. Wow.

Besides eye makeup, face contouring plays an important part when girls put makeup on their faces. Face contouring can lighten up your face as well as accenuate

The Best Makeup Tutorials You Must See

The Best Makeup Tutorials You Must See

Wow this site has the most amazingly fun eyeshadow color combos, it's so great! For those fun times.

Glitter is my crack.: Smokey Green Chartreuse glitter makeup look with Fyrinnae

Lime green glitter eyeshadow    #eye #makeup #glitter #eyes

Love this refreshing lime look by Walters Walters Walters Crowder! She's wearing Absinthe, Lumi and Bulletproof eyeshadows with Waterfall Waterfall Rennick Voss ElectricMJ glitter.

Используйте светлый карандаш, чтобы придать губам объем.

20 Concealer Hacks Every Woman Should Know - Concealer Makeup Hacks Create the illusion of plumper lips by filling in the middle section with a light concealer, blending it out with the warmth from your fingertip, and finishing with a nude lip gloss.

Feline-Inspired Eye Paintings - Tal Peleg's Cat-Inspired Makeup Art Takes the Cat Eye to a New Level (GALLERY)

Israeli Artist Draws Amazing Make-Up Art On Her Own Eyelid Eyes are beautiful and infinitely characterful, and they are central to Tal Peleg’s makeup art. She draws miniature images on the eyelids.

Если у вас нет времени на полноценный макияж, лишь накрашенные брови уже могут сильно изменить внешний вид.   11 советов по макияжу, которые оценят даже те, кто не красится

This high-quality, long-lasting eyebrow pencil comes thicker for even more precise application. It is designed specifically for brow shaping rather than stro.

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