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Levi Ackermann

Levi- Out of sight. Out of time. Should I hide? For the rest of my life. Can we fly? Do I stay? We could lose. We could fail. In the moment it takes. 30 minutes, a blink of an eye.

The Piano by shul (Part 1)- *TW Cutting and Suicide* this is a disturbing comic. Not a Levi+Eren shipper but there's something compelling about this...

ΰΉ‘ Title: The Piano ΰΉ‘ Pixiv ID: 40257800 (last picture is Goodbye kiss, ΰΉ‘ Artist: shul ΰΉ‘ Characters: Levi, Eren Yeager. ΰΉ‘ Rating: Parental Guidance. ΰΉ‘ Warning: Child abuse, self-harm.