. Универсальный кардиган крючком - Вязание - Страна Мам

изделия крючком

A universal cardigan a hook - Knitting - the Country of Mothers // Larisa Kolomiiets

Платье 'Француженка' крючком - Вязание - Страна Мам

Платье 'Француженка' крючком - Вязание - Страна Мам

Ponto arroz em crochê com gráfico

Crochet grille stitch diagram that has a kinda sorta jacquard'y look to it. I may be reading it wrong but looks like you just keep reversing how two basic stitches sit over top of each other throughout the pattern.

코바늘(손뜨개) 기호 자료 2 입니다. 함께 공부하는 재미~~ 기호만 알아도 도안 보기 너무만 편해요~ 코바...

100 Crochet Symbols and how it looks after crocheting. Words are in Spanish and it is a Jpeg, so it cannot be translated.

Maravilhas do Crochê: Maio 2013

Irish lace, crochet, crochet patterns, clothing and decorations for the house, crocheted.