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Bill Cipher,GF Персонажи,Gravity Falls,фэндомы,GF art,maryil

Bill Cipher,GF Персонажи,Gravity Falls,фэндомы,GF art,maryil

This is so confusing when you're in both the WTNV fandom, AND the gravity falls fandom. Bill with Night Vale colours lol.

I want a tee with this on it

art Black and White Cool hippie sky drugs hipster God Awesome b&w moon Teen eye psychedelic stars creative heart flower sun clouds nature teenager monster hippy mountain Abstract third eye

Gravity falls bill cipher

chocochaofun: ““You humans are such tiny-minded folk - You can’t see the ultraviolet patterns on flowers, understand the motion of the stars, or hear the thoughts of animals.

Gravity Falls, fandom, GF de arte, arte GF GF Personajes, GF SIFCO, GF gif, GF Gif, Dipper Pines, Bill Cipher

shadow-of-solace: “ How far would you go for answers? Dipper what have you done… ^u^ More then a little excited for new Gravity Falls tonight~