Сапфир Камад

Сапфир Камад

Любитель рассуждать на любую тему, нравятся драконы, достаточно хорошо держу оптимизм, слушаю разнообразную музыку.
Сапфир Камад
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How to improve fursuitcrafting - Tapedummy Part 2 by FurForge

I often see people struggeling with details of their fursuit-craftings, and even wonderful finished suits with details that in my eyes ruin or lower the. How to improve fursuitcrafting - Tapedummy Part 2

Potion Commissions by Rittik-Designs on deviantART

On these phials I spend ten times more than on usual potions, but I love the results 1 - sold to Rain-Courage 2 - sold to Rain-Courage 3 - commission for Rain-Courage DO NOT edit, trace, copy or re.

Gems (downloadable stock) - 5 by Rittik-Designs on DeviantArt

More magic gems! In this set you& find crystals of different shapes and colours! You can purchase this set for 100 points and get a png without background, watermarks and in a bigger resolution (.

Child of Heat by IrisDesert.deviantart.com on @deviantART

A bit of a messy Dier painting using that brush again. I& really been wanting to draw some Sand Diers for a while now, and this Dier is most likely Jillian, at least once his core heals that is.