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Dress for your figure: rectangle Wear detail on your shoulders. Hanna Lee Style // Dress to flatter Your Figure

fitted short sleeves. Why didn't I think of doing this? All my sleeves are too wide on my shirts and tees.

Button Ups – Sleeves = The New Spring Blouse

Коллекции » LaVela - стильная женская одежда

Коллекции » LaVela - стильная женская одежда

Необычные рукава и плечи нарядной одежды

Cut out shoulder detail - sharp line & shape - high contrast, black & white fashion; Fashion details of clothes.

Плечо с интересным «защипом» под обтачкой. Так можно необычно изменить размер и вырез большой вам футболки!

Making a neck opening smaller with pleated detail over shoulders.the link is broken but the is inspiration