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Anglo - Saxon warriors

owl-of-the-rear-burghs: “iron-imperialist: “ guthbrand: “ From Wulfheodnas ” Let me let you all in on a little secret about Anglo-Saxon reenactment… Wulfheodenas has the best kit. The one guy (just behind the man in focus) paid out of.

I can't help thinking that all this bling was for ceremony and burial, not for everyday wear. Sure you might want your knife and pouch to hand, but what a lot of clutter! Saxon

Examples of Tunics and coats from Anglo Saxon & viking age that could be made with several layers & padded out to make a 'Gambeson' design

Anglo Saxons Houses and Saxon villages

The Anglo-Saxons were a feudal society, in which every person held an allegiance to a lord or king. Anglo-Saxons farmed on lands such as this one, which gave way to manors" later in England's history.