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DAKINI Elle avait un potager étonnamment petit. Tout y poussait pêle mêle mais elle savait y faire et distinguer aisément les espèces. Ainsi elle ne se fourvoyait jamais entre les herbes aromatiques et les grands poisons, mais cela ne l’empêchait pas, d’user parfois des deux dans un même repas.
Wiebke Rauers Illustration
Por Wiebke Rauers

little animal

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an octopus with many different types of boats
Genine Delahaye
Genine Delahaye
octopus with mittens Draw, Crochet Humour, Humour, Illustrators, Hilarious, Artsy Fartsy, Humor, Crochet Humor, Fun
Cold tentacles.
octopus with mittens
an illustrated poster with many different types of vehicles
VKontakte Octopus Otto Sticker Set
VKontakte Octopus Otto Sticker Set on Behance
an old sign with the words king of sea written in bold letters and a crown on top
an image of a submarine in the water with fish around it and another object floating nearby
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Customized nursery name print - wall art - art print - submarine - boys & girls - new baby. €20,00, via Etsy.
an orange octopus with big eyes and a thought bubble above it's head on a white background
Wildlife Archives -
little octopus only has six legs, what happened to the other two? art by jared chapman
an octopus in a glass jar with the words i miss fun on it's face
CiaranDuffy illustration
I miss fun - Octopus by Ciaran Duffy
Octopus Process
a drawing of a cat with an owl on it's back
ねこたこ // Friendship // Be My Friend, Yeah?
an astronaut is flying through the air
CiaranDuffy illustration
by Ciaran Duffy
an image of different types of boats in the water
I like the linework and the colors on these funky little dudes.
an octopus with a hat on it's head and the word o is for octopus
Steve Mack Creative
Steve Mack.
the poster for finding dory shows an octopus with a boat on it's back
Buscando a Dory (2016)
Buscando a Dory (2016)
an octopus riding on the back of a horse
otto w/icecream