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Angel Энджел

Vector screencap repaint of Angel of My Little Pony, from Dragonshy episode. I've made a signature from it, but its worth uploading a larger version som.

Filomena Филомена

Phoenix pose taken from this - [link] My MLP gallery - [link] 365 Day 360 Pheonix

Cheese Sandwich Чиз Сэндвич

In "CMC: The Next Generation," we learn that Pinkie Pie's husband Red Shoes is really Cheese Sandwich in disguise, because he's hiding out from a crazy . Cheese Sandwich as Red Shoes

Aloe Алоэ

Aloe by SilverVectors on DeviantArt

Doctor Whooves Доктор Хувс

Doctor Whooves is a commonly appearing background pony in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Aquafresh Аквафреш

I made this like two years ago and even though I think it's stupid I don't really care enough to take it down Colgate (Minuette) with sawks

Derpy Дерпи

Derpy Hooves Flying Vector by StarshineCelestalis on DeviantArt

Prince Blueblood Принц Блублад

This is Canterlot Senator Blueblood. He sold me and the rest of Canterlot to manacomm lobbyists for 45837 bits.