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Doctor Who bloopers

that moment when you are into character in such a degree that you don't notice that you are making mistakes. I LOVE MATT.

OMG this outfit is natural like and everything and I'm a big Nature lover. but If I were to have this outfit I'd swap the purse for a red shoulder bag and brown leather calf boots. Get a charm bracelet and lose the fur to put in a orange scarf!

clara oswin oswald- I just want her clothes! I LOVE HER STYLE. I've been amassing some similar looking stuff. I have a plaid skirt that looks like her dress, black heels like the far right, the asymmetrical black leather jacket, and some nice tights.

Did anyone else laugh at The Raft of the Medusa, but with Cybermen? I did.

"Someday you could just walk by the fez" "Not gonna happen" Someday another doctor is going to come across a fez and be unable to contain himself and I am just going to weep on my couch

"Did you just say- bad wolf?" // I think what we need to appreciate is that it was at this exact moment that the great hair made its reappearance. <-- YES <-- The Tennant hair is back!