Skull 3D Lenmarco Laser, porte-stylos en bois, contreplaqué de 4 mm, découpe au laser

Skull Lenmarco Laser, wooden pens holder, plywood, laser cutting [][] I like the combo of cutout and surface design

W.I.P: Firefox and snowfox BJD - Locks built in by PuppitProductions on deviantART

I took the junk-cast to a doll meeting and let my friends play around with it. Based on their feedback I built in some locks, as the torso tended to sud.P: Firefox and snowfox BJD - Locks built in

Realistic Eye Illustration by ~markcrilley on deviantART    Realistic Eye Illustrationby ~markcrilley  This is art I created as part of my latest YouTube video, the subject of which was the various tools and techniques I use to color artwork. You can watch the video and see in time lapse the steps I took taking this from pencil lines to finished art:

How to Paint a Realistic Eye [Coloring Tutorial]---this guy is incredible! Lots of good vids and tutorials.using watercolor, colored pencils, pastel (dry), and white gouache