Garment inspiration: An interesting, sleeveless cowl knit tube top one could wear with either end of the tube "up." It even has a halter-wear iteration. While labeled a DIY, it's just this series of sketches and handful of pictures to work from, no knitting or sewing pattern offered.

Are you intimidated by using knit fabric when you sew? Then check out this article full of fantastic tips for sewing with knit fabric.

Ribbed Pocket Cropped #Jacket

Yellow Plain H-line Elegant Ribbed Cropped Jacket

cocoon poncho by Martha W McQuade, via Flickr

Cocoon poncho - interesting idea (no pattern) Will make from a heavy ponte stretch fabric

Stylish Blouse  DIY

Stylish Blouse - DIY

Ассиметричная 'летучая мышь'


Ассиметричная 'летучая мышь'

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