Sparaxis elegans

Cape Buttercup, Sparaxis elegans (Sweet) Goldblatt Family : Iridaceae Common names : Cape buttercup, spar axis, pale harlequin flower.

Clematis 'Crystal Blue'

With its unique flower form and alluring colors, 'Crystal Blue' makes an excellent addition to our 2013 Clematis Collection.

Hibiscus 'Fiery Furnace'

Pins are calling this a Fiery Furnace Hibiscus but I cant find it with info about the plant. I can find a Fiery Furnace Hibiscus but it isnt as colorful as this.this is a beautiful flower like a colorful pinwheel!

~~Lilium regale Trumpet Lily~~

Lilium regale Trumpet Lily - one of my favorite flowers in the garden. Insanely fragrant and beautiful in late July.

Billbergia nutans, Queen's Tears. Apparently these are very easy to grow!

Billbergia nutans at San Marcos Growers - in a pot in the open shade garden - bloomed January February 2015

ornamental grass

Grasses are among the most effective of the plants on our planet. What is our obsession with mowing grass about?