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VINTAGE DINOSAURS - Buscar con Google

Amazing and gruesome Victorian etchings of monstrous animals often eating people.



Armored Car, World War I

Chorley man Samuel Henry Cockroft on board HMS Caroline during World War One, taking a break on deck, smoking a pipe and dressed in an engineers' boiler suit. The message on the back of the photo reads:

KAY TAYLOR met with Ron Smith to hear the tales of his grandad, who served on the only remaining warship from the Battle of Jutland in the Great War, before working as a warden in the Second World War and in Chorley cinemas

Kurtka skórzana wz. 36

Kurtka skórzana wz. 36

Disassembled tanks, Middle East, 1917 | Online Collection | National Army Museum, London

Disassembled tanks, Palestine, Middle East, taken between the Battle of Gaza and the Battle of Gaza, 1917

For many years it was widely believed that the eight tanks that fought in Gaza were a mixture of Mark I and Mark II tanks.

Mauther Papermau uploaded this image to 'vintage'.  See the album on Photobucket.

Mauther Papermau uploaded this image to 'vintage'. See the album on Photobucket.

German tankers and an officer pose in front of an A7V tank (most likely chassis no. 560) in 1918

German tanker uniforms on left and center. Note the gap in the armour between the gun-shield and the edge of the opening in the forward armour.