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Elite Artistry by Ellie helps relieve stress with Bas Relief Sculptures, otherwise known as Plaster Wall Art - Classes in Portland, OR.

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Изделия из соленого теста

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Своими руками

Preparation and staining of cold porcelain. Master class from Ledivseti. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries

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Polymer Clay Flowers, Clay Dolls, Sugar Flowers, Flower Tutorial, Cold Porcelain, Clay Art, Fabric Flowers, Polymers, Pasta

Лепка фигурок из марципана и мастики. Свежие и сладкие идеи в нашу копилку…

How to make fondant mickey! ( well the instructions are for clay, but you can use fondant instead) mickey mouse minnie mouse

Marina Nurkina

Marina Nurkina